The PH.D. Grind

Author: Philip J. Guo

This is a book about the experience for pursuing a Ph.D in the USA. As I am going to pursue a Ph.D in the near future, I am glad to read this book. There are lots of vivid stories in this book which shows me the real picture of a Ph.D student's life. What I learned from this book is that a Ph.D student's life is lonely and dark at most time, and has only a few moments for the real fun and fulfillment. But, actually, it is these moments that really count for our lives and push us forward. As the author said, "Fun is often frivolous, ephemeral, and easy to obtain, but true fulfillment comes only after overcoming significant and meaningful challenges."

As a matter of fact, pursuing a Ph.D is just an process for me. I want to improve myself to be far beyond my mental limits and at the same time, I can contribute to the world. No matter what research results I am going to obtain during my Ph.D lives and no matter how important these results will be, these results will be part of the knowledge of humankind. This thinking makes me happy and excited enough to support me to spend next 5-6 years to pursue a Ph.D degree.


Author: 张海帆

This a network novel which are combined with traditional Chinese martial arts. To be honest, I did not like this novel at first, what it says can not attract me. After reading it for several days, its plot twists and turns, which is the conventional technique of the network novels. Although I know what the author is playing, I can not help continuing reading it.

However, after finishing the reading, this novel actually did not leave any memorable impression. All of the characters are not prominent enough, just like puppet of the author. The only thing that can attract me is the sequence of mystery. This kind book is categorized into one-time-reading book by myself.


Author: 保罗·威德

I spent 3 days reading this book. These views the author proposed in this book may not be right, but they are reasonable enough I think. The reason this book attracts me is that I can work out without any exercise equipments, which is very suitable for me.


Author: 孔二狗

This is another network novel I read in this month. Just like the title suggests, this book talks about the gangland of Northeast China. There are 5 books of this story, the first 4 is just fine, but the last one, I even think the last one is written by some else.

The characters in this novel is described much better than "五大贼王", each one has his/her own personality.

I am expecting sixth book.

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