Reading List for September 2015

古董局中局 1-3

Author: 马伯庸

This a tortuous story, but just a story.

Like the most network novels, this story can no not impress me.

This is also one of the one-time-reading books.

多情剑客无情剑 1-3

Author: 古龙

Instead of being a martial arts novel, I think GuLong's novel is more prose than novels.

In this novel, the author talks a lot about humanity, different people have different endings.

However, what described in this novel is distant from the common life, which makes me feel that all these characters are living in another world.

Although I was attracted by the protagonist, I still can not feel what the protagonist feel, I can not understand the world of this novel.


Author: 马伯庸

This is anther novel of 马伯庸.

This is a story based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The author pictured a world of spy, which happened almost 1800 years ago.

The structure and the imagination of this story is outstanding. I followed the path leaved by the author, I track this details to try to find out the real spy. I think this is a enjoyable experience.


Author: 马伯庸

This is the third book of 马伯庸 I have read this month.

Like the 「风起陇西」, this story is also based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but in a different style.

In this story, the author decode the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in different way, which brings me new perceptive of this famous historical story.